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Dispair And Disbelief

This song is by Backside and appears on the album Disconnected Misdirected (1997).

Say a prayer to be forgiven from the day of words you thought but were to afraid to say just close your eyes and the bad things all go away stories and lies for the truth is an easy trade as direction dies and perception pleads were lead to believe that we are all in need of something more to make us comlete but I'm complete in disbelif despair and disbelif slap your kids on their hands to make them obey the rules of god waiting for them beyond their graves make what you hear become the words that they say install the fear that has kept so well behaved before you know they will walk and talk just like you preaching your morals values and judgments to another project of a proud parents dream consumed and conquered by the brainswashing machine ill never understand nor can I comprehend the teachings from a place that no one's ever been in the stories and a place of all the gaps in between I have heard it all before but never seen religion change a thing and were insane

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