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​As We Look Away

This song is by Backside and appears on the album Disconnected Misdirected (1997).

Humanity is calling do you hear the cry today does covering your ears in fear really make it go away I can't believe we've come so far yet ended up as such helpless hopeless mindless victims of our own progress the truth is lying here within where I know it can be found but until then we'll live a lie and a lie we live so well as we look away I don't believe the answers no I won't believe the lies I can't agree with anything that's been created to provide others with what they want to hear to help them sleep at night it doesn't matter what is wrong as long as it sounds right as we look away as silece overides acknowledgement what will ever change don't try to comfort me as far as I can see we're going nowhere is that the place we want to be as we look away