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With Words As Bright As The Sun

This song is by Backseat Goodbye and appears on the album Nightmares Are for Dreamers (2006).

Hey there blue eyes
I'm not through with you
For 20 years I held my tongue, held it tight
But now it's time to run
Gonna not look back for nothing and no one
I'm gonna get lost for good
I'm gonna leave you motionless
With words as bright as the sun
It's like that time last week
When you thought everything was all right
But no one was all right
And I can't help it if you can't look back
So you know you've got the past to thank for the way you act
So don't blame it on me or all the books you've read
It wasn't them who pushed those words through your lips
I can't believe you're still worried about 10 years from now
Save existentialism for prom night you're still just a kid
See now you're choking on hello
When I've already said goodbye
Don't get caught up in a daydream now
You've been stuck in the dark, 'cause you're still looking for that light
That you'll never find
So don't sell your soul 'cause you believe in ghosts
Take a couple days off we'll head out on the road
So you can see a few towns with a whole new face
Save forever for the fairytales, 'cause it ain't real
Why are you always asking why? reasons are beautiful, but you don't need them to live your life
Step out side for an hour or two
Just stare at the sky you got nothing better to do
And then you can finally say
You saw something beautiful today
I saw a kid outside last night
He was crying so I asked him why
He said "i don't want to live anymore mom and dad are fighting and me I'm lying to myself again"
I said "boy you're only 5 years old you've got a lot to live"
He said "boy you're only 20 years old and you've never lived"
And we laughed
And we talked about tomorrow
How we hoped eventually we could smile again
Then morning came
We were smiling again
Look at that
Who needs miracles when you've got words as bright as the goddamn sun in the sky

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