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In Seams

This song is by Backseat Goodbye and appears on the album Rain Rain Go Away (2006).

Won't you kiss me...
You know you want to
Go on and tell me all the words
That have lingered on the tip of your tongue
Won't you realize the sky is perfectly positioned
So are you and i, so let's make this night worth while
You look ravishing in that blue shirt
But would like some help taking it off
You know you want me
You know I want you too
If given the chance, what's a boy to do
Yeah if given the chance, what's a girl to
Do you really want to know what's going on in my head?
If so I'll have to tell you with my lips
Lovely lips, tangled in sheets
Who needs love when you've got insecurities
Lovely hips, tangled in seams
Two drunk kids fucking in the backseat
Won't you say what you really mean
You want to fuck me

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