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Dressed Up Like Dreams

This song is by Backseat Goodbye and appears on the album Dressed Up Like Dreams (2008).

I could be a better person but I choose not to
I'm as selfish as a suicide, and wait I take that back
I didn't mean to say it quite like that
I took all of my memories and threw them in the ocean
Just like that they drowned on impact
In a flurry of nightmares dressed up like dreams
I opened my eyes and managed to find some clairty
Don't hang onto words you don't understand
They're just letters in unalphabetical order anyway
I took all of my worries spun them in a single motion
Said "How about that, now you're on the inside"
I'm outside and warm looking in at the mess...
I followed you here, with planned exact steps,
I made a map of words you left in other peoples ears
Wrote down your hopes, to do lists and fears
Drew you a picture, it's pretty if you squint
Regardless of my past I'm a pretty all right kid
I loved you, I left you for another that kissed better
Had prettier eyes than you
For reasons unknown you always dragged me down
It's not your fault you were born in this town
But could you be a little less depressing, and maybe smile a bit more? Hey there, I guess, I'm really not good at this
But love starts with "L" and so does liar
You're a prettier version of yourself ten years from now
You're brilliant but often late
I'm better off friendless
I guess, I guess, I guess
Well I could be wrong
I'm pretty fond of waking up
When it comes to lucky charms I eat the marshmallows first
I'm weird, sometimes I like to be lonely
But other times I hate the sound of silence
Let's dress up like dreams and pretend we're free
I hear it's nice, I'd like to try it sometime

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