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White EP (2005)Edit

Backseat Goodbye - White EP

White EP

  1. Sorry to Interrupt
  2. One Away From Three
  3. Second Story View
  4. It's Fine With Me
  5. Think of Me When the Rain Hits Your Window
  6. Sunbeams and Streetlights
  7. Words Are Useless
  8. Before I Begin
  9. Eve of New Years Eve
  10. On the Way Home
  11. Just Close Your Eyes
  12. Your Dress Looks Better on the Floor

Rain Rain Go Away (2006)Edit

Backseat Goodbye - Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away

  1. 11:12
  2. Head In The Clouds
  3. My Favorite Color
  4. Raindrops (Clouds On A Couch)
  5. Two Plus Two
  6. Smile
  7. Hey
  8. In The Daylight
  9. Good Morning, Goodbye
  10. In Seams
  11. Daytime TV
  12. Lost In Love
  13. Good And Bye (Home)
  14. Sign Language (Heart)
  15. Dreaming At The Top Of Your Lungs
  16. Tables And Chairs

Nightmares Are For Dreamers (2006)Edit

Backseat Goodbye - Nightmares Are For Dreamers

Nightmares Are For Dreamers

  1. With Words As Bright As The Sun
  2. Beautiful Day
  3. Technicolor Eyes
  4. Work Of Art
  5. Love Song
  6. Just One Note, Please
  7. Lucky Lucky Me
  8. Hand Claps And Loud Sighs
  9. 32 Ways To Make You Smile
  10. Lost Means Lost
  11. The Sky Isn't Listening
  12. Sunday In The Summer
  13. Seeing Is Believing
  14. Rainy Days And License Plates
  15. Four Leaf Clover
  16. I Am You, You Are Me
  17. Sunset Never Came Home
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  18. Come Tomorrow
  19. Nightmares

Blue Moon, Yellow Eyes (2006)Edit

Backseat Goodbye - Blue Moon, Yellow Eyes

Blue Moon, Yellow Eyes

  1. Cloudy Day Sunrise
  2. Blue Moon, Yellow Eyes
  3. Postcards for Paper Hearts
  4. Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away
  5. And You Still Don't Believe
  6. You Always Said Birmingham Was Better
  7. A Kind of Lying Life
  8. Under This Sky With You
  9. Birds on a Wire
  10. Trust No One, Believe Everyone
  11. Cities for Sidewalks
  12. If You Were a Folk Song
  13. Second Guessing Your Second Chances
  14. Back Pocket Breathing Room
  15. So Much for a Picture Perfect Ending

Good Morning, Sunshine (2007)Edit

Backseat Goodbye - Good Morning, Sunshine

Good Morning, Sunshine

  1. Good Luck
  2. An Early Ending
  3. Play Three Again
  4. July
  5. Still Life
  6. Sidewalk Sing Along
  7. Slow Songs On Saturday
  8. Tuesday
  9. Lady Luck
  10. Twenty Two
  11. All Alright
  12. The Good Side
  13. Encore! Encore!
  14. Swingset Song
  15. Love Is Free
  16. Old Clothes Atlantic
  17. Easy Lie
  18. Curtain Call
  19. Virginia
  20. Heaven, Hell And Tomorrow

Dressed Up Like Dreams (2008)Edit

Backseat Goodbye - Dressed Up Like Dreams

Dressed Up Like Dreams

  1. Swallow The Sun
  2. Dressed Up Like Dreams
  3. Summer Drive Song
  4. Bottom Lips And Fingertips
  5. Hello Yellow
  6. Song For Audrey
  7. Technicolor Eyes
  8. Hey
  9. 32 Ways To Make You Smile
  10. Calico Kitten
  11. Envy The Living
  12. Boys, Girls, Sing!
  13. Sidewalk Sing Along
  14. The Future Is A Masterpiece
  15. Reactions Over Resolutions (Acoustic)
  16. An Attempt To Forget
  17. I Think I Might Change My Name To Tomorrow

The Wonder - EP (2010)Edit

Backseat Goodbye - The Wonder - EP

The Wonder - EP

  1. The Great Unknown
  2. Breakfast Club
  3. New Version of the Old Me
  4. Kilo Riley
  5. I Like the Future

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