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​Cut Brake Lines

This song is by Backseat Driver.

I had a dream I fell from the clouds
Through the darkest depths of your heart
And I fell to the ground
Lied there and looked to the stars
I jumped all for you
The pain is unbearable
Emotion is much stronger than
The pain that I physically feel

I wondered what this was for
'Cause I always wanted more
I couldn't stop
Please someone save me
I felt the pain in my back
As I grabbed the reigns I never looked back
I hoped that you would rescue me
And let me go free

The shooting pain as I drift away
Into this eternal sleep
Tells me nothing for my cause
It only tells me why I did this
I lie and the stars fade away
And the pain leaks as I pray
You will remember me and this cause
As my life comes to pause

You never resuced me
And I fell
You never rescued me
I fell for misery
You never rescued me
And I fell
You never rescued me
And I never looked back