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Concrete Law

This song is by Backbone and appears on the album Concrete Law (2001).

Woo walk that walk
I said woo, talk that talk
Woo, forever give it to ya raw
Woo, preaching this concrete law

I scream shawty, I come through work and every time
Talkin' 'bout like one, two, five
Go down to all dimes
What you know about that, I walk a mile in four seconds flat
Keep an automatic piece and put 'em on their backs
Boka, boka, boka, that's what they hearin' holla
See that dirty dolla'
It keep alotta niggas filthy rich, my lil thuggish buddy he turn to the lic'
Tell the slick partna go get em, people hit him in the mouth
We gon get 'em (get em), dirty dirty don't eva doubt dis
Any way you wanna handle lis, see we can handle lis
I heard them boys talkin' something 'bout some gangsta shit
Don't over spoke yaself, just work ya clientale
I walk the sidewalk, and what this shit sale it self

We ride glassed up cheveletes
Up and down the same road every day
Leave 'em all stuck like what he say
If you bump and a jump, if it ain't but a buck a day
Lil buddy ya hear me see
This game ain't about who come up quick
'Cause even on the slow role, it's money to get
Slick, when ya spot get a lil too hot to hold
Make sho you got ammo, and if not the four
Even though when I smoke, it's like a hundred of them thangs
Wit a boe tie, I kill 'em with the slang
If it's in the game, it's in the game, every time
Same thang, keep the change

What's up, what's happenin', what it is whatcha say
I spit that high potisy, tom bout that pure ok?
You see this shit is natural, only quote the facts
My partna drop the whole thang, I seen him bring it back
I make them suckers show their face, now what you workin wit
Come through your town talk a thousand dollors worth of shit
You know dem days, it's in the scarfs
One night I got locked up in the yard
They drop the charge, shake 'em shawty
I tell the story on the loose leafs
Learnt my lesson, I watch the game jump judy, understandin me?
I spoke the law, that dere is money back if you keep them thangs chunckin
You'll keep 'em comin' backk (back)

(Chorus fading out)

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