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This song is by Backandtotheleft and appears on the album Obsolete (2004).

Self-induced comas
Hazy memories of the night before
Where, "Only one more drink"
Meant many several more
Still life
It paints the scene of alcohol and the sharpest guillotine
One truth, one way
You hurt every day
Seems sad, so clear
A change is needed here

So it's time to face the fear
Of dealing with myself
And all these foolish games
That keep life incomplete
But as you walk on by
You never say goodbye
It leaves the bitter taste
Of feeling obsolete

Recovery, responsibilities seems easier in dreams
The path chosen to take makes you weak in the knees
Resist the private hell
Of the habit's cruel carousel
That keeps spinning round and round
Where it stops, no one can tell

Fall prey to all the tricks
By charlatans and heretics
That try to drag you to the past
Where the demons still exist
Self medicate the catatonic state
From lifting one more glass
But clarity may never help this sickness pass

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