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This song is by Backandtotheleft and appears on the album Obsolete (2004).

Is passed along as wisdom of the age
But its twisted words keep logic in a cage
Relations squandered
Two ways of life with paths that never reach
They keep searching for answers in a text too old to teach
They keep standing in line
Their actions benign
But anger starts to surface
The resentment in her eyes
It's clear, it won't disappear
He keeps holding on tight, pathetic the sight
Of longing desperation
But in the back of his mind
He knows the end is near

We face the day
But block the sun
It's bright light
It seems unbearable
You spread your wings
And sail away
Proving that your feelings for me
Are disposable

Like speaking in tongues
Incoherent noise
But the root of the problem is what she avoids
The end of an era
The end of the line
The end of perfect life
They're only audible wounds
Yet they still cut like a knife

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