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Strange People

This song is by Bachdenkel and appears on the album Lemmings (1970).

Round and round the mirrored maze we go
Till we hardly see
In and out the circus rink we know
Such strange people

Never seem to notice games we play
Oh, they waste our time
And we're getting older every day
We're strange people, you and I

Hide and seek is a game we'd play
One looks, the other turns away

Round and round the maypole tree we fly
We think we're free
Never even stop to wonder why
We're strange people, you and I

You and I lie awake and make believe
That the fairground's here to stay
But we've tried every ride and it goes
No-one knows we have to play
For we're blind to everything
That we can't see, that we can't feel
The sun is free, the sun is real
And it shines for the moment, for today

Sitting on a see-saw made of stone
With rain in the sky
Turning into people we don't know
Those strange people, you and I
And there's nothing but a looking-glass to (grant?)

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