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This song is by Babyland and appears on the album You Suck Crap (1992).

Mother and Father
Don't you know
He's doing the best that he can
Burdened at birth to belong
Yet everything you taught him was wrong
He's just not the same
He wants to feel
With his own thoughts
Not your lame ideal
Given hope
He'll never cease
It's got to end
No more mindfuck

They'll fuck with your head
Make you think it's their life
Instead of your own

Reduced to hate
To fear
Anything that deviates away
From their own kind
Their minds
Status symbols mold away
Forcing fate
Products obey
Not education
It's manipulation
They're fucking you up
Enough is enough
It's got to stop
No more
No more
You've got to do it
You've got to do it
You've got to do it
No more mindfuck

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