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U Should Know

This song is by Babyface and appears on the album Face2Face (2001).

Awww baby
Aww awww
woooohooooo (yea)

1st Verse

On the first day I saw you
I knew I would fall in love with you
And ever since I fell for you
I never loved another that's the truth
In my heart and in my arms is where you belong
I won't let you fall
Baby U should know:

U should know
I think you're incredible
Baby you're so beautiful
Simply irresistable
U should know
There's not a day or night that I don't think of you
I'm in love with everything that you do

2nd Verse

Just the very thought of you
Makes my head spin no lie it's true
Now I understand what God can do
Look at what he did in the making of you
In my arms and in my heart is where you belong
I won't let you fall
Baby baby U should know


Please know it's all bout you
I'll sacrafice for you
God knows I worship you
Baby U should know I love your dirty draws
Girl I'd die for you
Make any reservation
I speak the truth to you it ain't just conversation
You're the beginning and the ending of my day
All that's in between, everything

(chorus)2x fades out