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I Care About You

This song is by Babyface and appears on the live album MTV Unplugged NYC 1997 (1997).

sometimes i feel so alone baby
i call your heart
but theres no one at home
takin a toll on my pride
im reachin no one inside

you know it doesnt feel right
when i look in your eyes
i know love is blind
but the heart doesnt lie
ill ask on more time
maybe this time youll try
so tell me girl
whats deep in your heart

girl i care bout you
im there for you
so why dont you care for me
like i care about you

i spend like all of my days baby
trying to cess out just how things got this way
i thought that we were in love
but i swear right now i dont know what you want

i make sure that i give you quality time
but lately i feel youre not home by desire
but still im gunna try youre the love of my life
in hopes that you will open your heart

HOOK 2 times

sometimes im not sure
im all youve got
sometimes im not sure if you love me or not
one thing im certin of
girl i care for you
and the one thing that i want is that you care for me too

HOOK 2 times

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