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This song is by Baby Dayliner and appears on the album High Heart & Low Estate (2004).

Won't you wait for me on the other side of town? From there we'll take a trip to the ocean, brown ourselves and fend away summer frowns. I'll spend some time in a thoughtful gaze and try to figure what your ailments are, how far you've gone into a deep marine, and find the crucial thorns in your mind.

Madeline, I could search, and I could find for you what you're troubled by, some piece of mind, and a gentle word or two. You're too young for this, you've gone amiss, still waylaid by the past. If there's anything to please everything it's my line that is cast.

Before too long I will have found what's wrong, and administer a curing touch. The change will reign and it'll dry the rain that haunt your deepest caves- I believe that much. And then all of this will be forgotten as if these troubles were not your own. Have faith in this plan, and its success you'd see if you'd only wait for me on the other side of town.

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