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Off da Chain (2000)Edit

Baby D - Off da Chain

Off da Chain

  1. Intro
  2. Bow His Azz Up
  3. Don't Fall
  4. Quebo Gold Calls da Oomp Camp
  5. Back Up
  6. My Folk
  7. Like This
  8. Jumpin Down on Em
  9. Eastside vs. Westside
  10. Head to da Club
  11. Ridin in a Chevy
  12. Ooh Ooh
  13. Voice Mail
  14. We Ballin
  15. Why Why
  16. Bounce That Azz (featuring Lil C and Shawty Beezelee)

Lil' Chopper Toy (2002)Edit

Baby D - Lil' Chopper Toy

Lil' Chopper Toy

  1. Intro (featuring Big Oomp)
  2. Get Crunk (featuring Lil' C)
  3. Live in Concert
  4. Atl Hoe (featuring Archie Eversole, Lil' Jon and Pastor Troy)
  5. Stomp That Shit (featuring Lil' C)
  6. Gangsta Walk (featuring Jazze Pha, Lil' C and Slim J)
  7. We Got the Club Jumpin (featuring DJ Mars and Lil' Wil)
  8. Big Korey
  9. Eastside Vs, Westside (Remix)
  10. We Came to Get Dat Cheese (featuring Eightball and Thorough)
  11. Ridin in a Chevy Part 2 (featuring Lil' C, Sean Paul)
  12. Make Yo Shoulders Jump (featuring Thug Nation)
  13. Slammin Cadillac Doors (featuring Intoxicated)
  14. We 2 Deep (featuring J. Cross, Lil' C and Loko)
  15. Gregg Street Party
  16. Let's Start a Fight (featuring Lil' D, Re Re and Slim J)
  17. Suckas and Bustas (featuring Intoxicated)
  18. Drop a Little Lower (featuring 4/9 and Ying Yang Twins)
  19. Bouncin (featuring Lil' C and Loko)
  20. Do You Wanna (featuring Freddy B)

A Town Secret Weapon (2008)Edit

Baby D - A Town Secret Weapon

A Town Secret Weapon

  1. Intro
  2. U Gotta Love It
  3. Big Boy Whips
  4. I'm Bout Money
  5. So Fresh
  6. Icey
  7. Patron
  8. Do It
  9. Get to It
  10. Get It Girl
  11. Put'em Up
  12. One 4 tha Money
  13. Girls Gone Wild
  14. Get Out
  15. For My Niggas

Other SongsEdit

  1. Bring It Back
  2. It's Goin' Down
  3. Watch Her Do It

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Baby D is a performance name for Donald B. Jenkins.

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2000 - present



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