Baby Bash:Tha Smokin' Nephew (2003)

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Album by Baby Bash.
  1. Suga Suga (featuring Frankie J)
  2. Yeh Suh! (featuring Max Minelli)
  3. Weed Hand (featuring Grimm and Lucky Luciano)
  4. Shorty Doowop (featuring Russsell Lee and Perla Cruz)
  5. On Tha Curb
  6. Sexy Eyes (Da da da Da) (featuring Russ Lee)
  7. Image of Pimp (featuring Oral Bee)
  8. Early in the Morning
  9. Feeling Me (featuring Russ Lee)
  10. Oh Wow (featuring Merciless and Happy Perez)
  11. Changed My Life (featuring Grimm)
  12. Stay Perkin' (featuring Angel Dust, Chingo Bling and Doom)
  13. Pollution (featuring Russ Lee and Rasheed)
  14. Menage a Trois (featuring Frankie J and Powda)
  15. Tha Chop (featuring A-Wax and Jay Tee)
  16. Don't Disrespect My Mind (featuring Low G)
  17. Suga Suga (Remix) (featuring Major Riley)
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