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Album by Baby Bash.
  1. Hoo Doo
  2. Quarterback (featuring Mr. Kee)
  3. How Quick
  4. N.R.G. (featuring SPM and Rasheed)
  5. Nice To Meet Ya
  6. Too Many Things (featuring Grimm)
  7. Who Wanna Creep
  8. Na Na Tonight
  9. Blowin' On Fire
  10. Brain (featuring Lucky)
  11. So Pronto (featuring Grimm, SPM and Rasheed)
  12. Already (featuring Traviesio)
  13. Cool Tonight (featuring Merciless)
  14. Styrofoam Cup (featuring Grimm, Ikeman and Villain)
  15. Woo Woo
  16. Crossing Game (featuring Frost, Jay Tee, Sneak and BR)
  17. Whupanigga (featuring Dum Dum)
  18. If Your NaNa Get Wet
  19. Come On Now (featuring Don Cisco)

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