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Menage A Trois

This song is by Baby Bash and appears on the album Tha Smokin' Nephew (2003).

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I was thinkin' on the weekend we could get a lil freaky
I could call some of my girlfriends (x2)

Show me what that body do like
Wanna do everything that you like
Your girl looking way cool,
How bout we hook up tonight?
Jacuzzi's, sweet hotel, dirty movies, oh that's well
I'm such a freak,
Ooh la la, groove me wit that tail
Down and dirty,
Rough and rugged,
Dog nasty cause you love it
She gonna kiss it you gonna rub it
Livin' out my fantasy,
Baby come and dance for me
You got that candy cream,
Let me see you pull your pantie string
Let your thong slide to the side,
Chica open wide
And let us do that damn thang,
Baby girl you know that's right
It's kinda vicious though,
Its kinda pimpish though
This carmel coated candy cane is so delicious though.

Show me what your body do
You can bring your girlfriend too
We can have a ron de vu
Menage A Trois
We can have a drink or two
You can bring your girlfriend too
We can keep it on the cool
Menage A Trois (x2)

I'll show you what my body do
Put it on her then put it on you
Lil freaky ron de vu
Yeah we can keep it on the cool
Three's company so come with me
Got enough to make two feel lovely
He kissin' me,
She rubbin me,
She lickin' me,
He fuckin' me
Wanna watch,
You wanna see how me and my girlfriend get nasty
We some freaks up in the sheets in a perfect fantasy
But chu need a man with stamina who can take two women to handle up
Like a playa done took viagra,
Workin it till he see the sun
Powda yeah that nasty girl, testing me?
Imma rock ya world
Got skills like a pro and plus you know I got that bomb pearl
So boo I'ma roll wit chu,
Yeah me and my homegirl too
We gonna take it to the room, so baby what to do?

Let me see you break yo back
Baby girl take all of that
Let me see you break yo back
Uh-oh I think she swallowed that
I got the mirror on the top of my bed
And got that magnum P.I. for the top of my head

Let's keep it ulta-gravy, me and you lovely ladies
Sippin hypnotic, gettin' exotic, man it feels so crazy (x2)

You know I like to watch
You know I like to see it
I'm kinda freaky mama
Oh baby please believe it (x2)

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