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Don't Disrespect My Mind

This song is by Baby Bash and appears on the album Tha Smokin' Nephew (2003).

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Low G)
Ghetto Soldier, I'm representin' from that Houston
Second War, that be the place where I do my dirt
Kickin' doors, sellin' dope, only my God knows
I have to do what I have to do, just to stay alive
I lost a friend, but God blessed me with some real niggaz
LSR, I kept it real from the fuckin' start
I stay strapped, cause my neighborhood is so dirty
I kiss my Grandma goodbye, but my jefa looks so worried
Pitbulls from my tierra that I call my home
It ain't much, but its something I can call my own
I go to war at any times, at any place
Why yo punk twelve gauge, all in your face
I want your j' s, your jacket, and your jewelry
What the fuck you on my block, if you ain't cool with me
You crossed the line, ain't no time to press rewind
I caught you slippin' 'cause I heard that you dropped a dime
On my perro, now he doin' twenty-five to life
Low G, now I got to earn another strike
Ghetto star, Greyhound is my fuckin' car
Ghetto close, but I'm feeling like I'm ghetto far

(Chorus: repeat 8X)
Don't disrespect my mind - don't disrespect my clika

(Baby Bash)
A maggets gon' be a magget, fagget's gon' be a fagget
But if they want some static, I got an automatic
This automatic, if I grab it
Sometimes it's tragic, causin havoc
Bullets blastin, but he had to have it from startin racket
Looked at the wound and autographed it
The game is graphic, and the classic, in and out of traffic
Money stackin, by any means keep your gadget
And find a way to keep supporting my weed habit
I get my shit dirt cheifed, the way I like it
You disrespect the clik, puto I get excited
My trigga finger get itchy, like I was Lionel Richie
A Commodore, when I go to war
So get down so I can touch you quickly
No substitute for these thugs, who love to shoot and cut the loot
You fuck with punks, that's why I don't fuck with you
Cock strong, pretty boy but don't get it twisted
A savage with this beat you want it mayne then come and get it
Cause every blow has nothing but these bad intentions
So now you know Baby Bash keeps it gut wrenchin'