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This song is by Babes in Toyland.

My dreams are lent to me
Dirty and misery
She sees towards the obscene
Danger lives in deadly fashion
When thrown to you in starved erasion
You look sweet on my back like a shark fin

Drinking wine pulling the thistles from my spine

Dear lizard come to me
I'll show you crazy teeth
I'll slit this dizzy throat
My fingers wrapped so tight 'round this torch
My two hands are scorched
Round this haggard torch
Two hands are scorched

Drinking wine pulling the thistles from my spine

We are all staring in and loved to be all alone in
You spoked a hole in your throat
For bridal honour
Oh dirty come to me
Assaulted reverie
The mental see eternity of greed to me

Drinking wine within the thistles from my spine

Oh Jesus Christ
Got your eyes wide, wide open
Shut your legs

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