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​Needing Me

This song is by B Team Starter.

Just the other day I saw the sweetest thing
In your eyes they, just hold the neatest glaze
I keep stumbling for my words with you

I think about those times that we had together
Everlasting memories that go on forever
Wishing I could just have them all back

Too fast for me to take
I need to contemplate the times I shared with you
I would do anything
Only just to bring a love filled night for two

Every time I try, I just lose all hope
I lack the confidence and the will to cope
I wanna stand on a mountaintop of grace

So will you think it over, honestly
You can cry on my shoulder whenever you need
Just don't forget, needing me

Remember when I told you everything
You were so surprised and happy
Now it's all over and I just sit here
Wondering what will ever be again

I can't believe it, this can't be happening
You were always so perfect for me
Now I'm a loser, rejected loser
With absolutely nothing for me

So take this note home and read it over
And when you are through, you can sleep on it
It might take a while, but I'm willing