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​Dem Boyz Freestyle

This song is by B Cakes.

We high got the main stream and the underground
We eatin good no longer feelin' the hungry now
My team so fly we like the boys in the hood
Yeah I'm only sixteen betta get that understood
Jeezy left them but they still all good
I come through your block cause you know I would
But you wouldn't do anything cause you fake like that
You say your girl hot but she really really fat
Your girls catching balls like she's fucking randy ross
She's even running patterns you know criss criss cross
I say I'm winnin' which means I can't lose
I'm wide a wake gettin' my hustle on well you snooze
I can wake up early but I would rather sleep in
Your the chargers I'm the pats you lost and I win
But I'm like fab man I do the damn thing
I bring this swagger to the stage what you bring
Me I'm in the cakes tee and warlok in the white tee
U know the name cakes man don't forget the b