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Teardrops Are Falling

This song is by BZN and appears on the album 'Round the Fire (1995).

For you I bought some roses and perfume
And sang my songs if there was gloom.
Gave you my heart, my everything
A golden ring.
With you I fell in love by candlelight
Wrote tender poems, that starry night.
You filled me with a wild desire
A heart on fire.
But love can be a victim of 'the same old way',
of 'getting into a groove'.
Then it can't stand the wear and tear of time.
They call it 'the price of love'.
Teardrops, teardrops are falling.
Oh my eyes grow misty babe when memory's calling.
Crying, crying so lonely.
Dreamin' of the days you said: "I love you only".
But that's the way the story goes
And how it ends, nobody knows
Always teardrops, teardrops are falling.
To you I wrote my letters just to say
How much I missed you day by day.
I had your picture on the wall
My baby doll.

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