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Something To Say

This song is by B2K.

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(Yeah yeah)

You see the girl by the water
Yes that one there
Who I know
That one day
One day she will care

He comes from the Southside
He's got the sun in hair
He's got something that
The girls can't help it
Can't help but stop and stare
Yes I know that one day
He will see
I will jump all around
Act like a clown
The world will know
That he's in love with me

She wants me
She needs me
She loves me
(But she doesn't know it yet)
She wants me
(And I know what day)
She needs me
(He'll come my way
He'll come and take me home)

(Come and take me home)

That's her house by the ocean
The summer breeze
Took her there
I can see her walkin'
As the boys keep talkin'
One day I would stop and dare

Well I know I'm what
He's waiting for
I will walk him home
He'll never be alone
The world with know
That he's in love with me

(Yeah yeah)

Ooh I've got somethin'
I've got somethin' to say
(Got somethin' to say)
(Ooh ooh)
The world will know
(Y'all got somethin' to say)

(Chorus (until fade)

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