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Sociological Sonnet

This song is by B.U.B.S..

Anti-cannabis, anti-cocaine, anti-heroin, D.E.A.
Assassinations, conspiracies, terrorists, C.I.A.
Anti-British, guerrilla welfare, pints of Guinness, I.R.A.
Anti-catholic, pro-Protestant, criminal racketeering, U.D.A.

Free weapons, faceless targets, wasted bullets, N.R.A.
Pointless poverty, financial breakdown, criminal disarray, E.D.A.
Unfilled promises, disposed corpses, empty honor, N.C.A.
Human misery, wasted land, global warming, E.P.A.

Selfish leaders, starving countries, financial decay, T.D.A.
War-torn countries, nuclear bombs, wasted money, D.I.A.
Minimum wages, overtime schedules, discrimination, E.S.A.
Restricted resources, limited cures, unhealthy nations, F.D.A.

Secret surveillance, hidden agendas, military maintenance, F.B.I.
Clock is ticking, numbers are dropping, no hope left, time to die.

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