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S.O.S. (Symphony Of Sympathy)

This song is by B.U.B.S..

Sarah's lived her life in spiteful agony.
She is seen by the cruel as a pitiful frailty.
Looked down upon by the scornful majority.
Sympathized by the faithful minority.

Now she can't find her place.
How can she face denial?
Now she can't show her face.
How could she be seen as bile...

...When she's filled with serenity and grace?

Where can she go when no one is there?
Why should she love when there is no one to care?
How can she breathe when there is so much to bear?

Why live at all?

Impoverished in birth. Abandoned by her family.
Abolished in worth. Patronized by society.
Tasteless humor is derived from her pain and misery.
Emotional tumor has made her a travesty.

Now she won't know where to turn.
How can she be able to reside?
Now she's unable to learn.
How will she build up her pride...

...With so much rejection one can't slide?

Who will be there to hear her say a word
When tears of sadness make her unheard?
Who will hear her when she has to say...

...Why pick on me?
Please let me be!

How can she go on with so much to resist?
The abuse she's been put through defies any list.

What will she do in order to persist
If there's no one there willing to assist?

Please show mercy. Do you have no mercy? (Please show mercy)
Please show mercy. Do you have none at all? (Please show mercy)

She is disfigured by hurt. She's deemed inhuman in form.
She is seen by the mainstream as not part of the norm.
After so much antagonism and animosity, she can't remain calm.
With so much addiction of infliction, it's a wonder her heart is warm.

Now she has no hope left.
How will she see the next day?
Now she is the result of theft.
How will she find her way...

...When no one else is willing to pay?

The way they treat her is so underhand.
They think she's disabled but she can understand.
They are despicable people of a negative strand.

Why do they maul?
Why should she be forced to haul?

Where will she go if everybody cuts her no slack?
Especially when nearly everyone criticizes her behind her back.

She has so little choice. She's been put off track.
More loathe than love. Hearts seem to appallingly lack.

Please give money. Will you give her some charity? (Please give money)
Please give money. Do you want her to lose her chastity? (Please give money)

Come on baby, don't curse a word.
You'll find your prayers will be heard, it's not absurd.
No point in crying. Has it ever occurred
If you keep on trying, your saviors will be allured?

The pain can't possibly go on for any more.
Sooner or later, someone will open a door.
I can feel it so strongly, you count on me to be sure.

A journey through their hearts will be a priceless tour.

Don't worry about your hair and what you wear.
Materialistic people are not everywhere.
There are truly noble people out there who care.

Not every home is like a demon's lair.
Not everyone has a vicious stare!

Tears of grief will be overcome by tears of joy.
You might even find yourself with a lucky boy.
You might even end up playing all coy.

Just don't treat him like a heartless toy.

If Sarah could reach a better land,
She would come across people of a better band
Who would be willing to offer a helping hand.

She would say...

I'm all alone.
Come take me home.

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