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This song is by B.U.B.S..

Me and my mates love to gang rape.
We force girls to become such dykes.
We force butch lesbos to go straight
And lose their ridiculous spikes.
We subject them to our likes
To the point drinks needn't be spiked.

Forcing myself onto a girl who I have never met before
Can be such a delightful thrill,
Watching her sweat from every pore.
Seeing her chill from my white spill
Makes me feel proper hardcore.
Swinging her like a windmill
To the extent my dick will tore.

I have a grudge to grind with you
So my knife can do all the grind.
We don't give in to pleas, like please.
You will accept your fate with ease.
Your bodies will endure my pain.
To get pleasure, this is the gain.
Stop behaving like a strip tease.
Fall on your knees, accept the sleaze.
Don't be a noob, now shave your pube.
Push cubes in your hole with the tube.
It makes for smooth penetration
And heals your menstruation.

You're a rapetastic bitch.
A rape-worthy slapper.
A cock-worthy shagger.
Don't try to even twitch.

Don't dare to even snitch.

Your body is hot like a grill. You'll absorb the burn of my drill.
My cock is a gun set to kill.
Each bullet penetrates, you shrill.
My grip tightens, your life's down hill.
Your hope for victory is nill.
For your life, you have lost the will.
I've become the Jack to your Jill.
I inject your mouth with botox so that you can swallow each pill.
For anal, I feed you poppers. It helps to widen your buttocks.
I am not telling you whoppers. My cock's the one with the bollocks.
Do not try to chop my sausage. That does not make for wise knowledge.

I fist-fucked your pregnant mother
Just so I can see you suffer.
I mutilated the fetus.
That's what you get when you cheat us.
I will carve my name in your chest
Then you will scream my name, behest.

You are not exempt from my contempt.

You rapetastic slut.
You rape-worthy cunt.
I may be a runt but my dick is not blunt.
A shameful foot-wank.
A body that's rank.
My words may be blunt but you are a cunt.
If I was a pirate, you would walk the plank.

Making your best friend lick you out,
Just knowing it will make you shout.
We're filming you using dildos, especially double-ended.
How and where this will lead, who knows? but it is certainly splendid.
We'll put the films up on YouTube
Like the parts where you're using lube.
Threatening you to kiss our warts
Before you do some watersports.
Stick this blade up her snatch.
There is no catch, just trim her trout.
Get past the jizz and chew her out. Eat her snizz, you're a perfect match.
We won't put you in body bags. You're only our punching bags.

You rape-worthy bitch.
You rapetastic whore.
All this blood and guts will amount to gore.
I will never tire and you will never bore.
You rapetastic bitch.
You rape-worthy slut.
Like captive syndrome, you will beg for more.
I am free to roam, I will never ignore.

Seeing you slags become such fags makes us neglect reading porn mags.
We have iron rods hanging loose. Each of your holes are a soft noose.
But do fret, we are not done yet. We will make you pregnant, you bet.
Raping you beats fucking old hags. An older lady lags and nags.

If you survive all the trauma, the thought of you trying to kill
Yourself than me makes my heart grow overwhelmingly warmer.
You can never sue me, I'll fight you with a lawyer.
I'll bribe you with a lawyer, if you can't beat them
Then all you got to do is join them.
You will never mock the jock, you will be the laughing stock.
You will be lucky if you're not knocked behind a prison door lock.

You rapetastic skank.
A shameless tit-wank.
You start off as a hetero and end as a fanny fag.
You got what you deserved.
Vengeance is not reserved.
You learn to love the pain as you become insane.
You grow a libido and beg for a shag.

You can't ignore what your body wore.
The only way to face your fears
Is to subject yourself to what
Will haunt you for years and years.

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