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Metaphysical Drill

This song is by B.U.B.S..

It's a weapon that has devastated billions.
It forms a disease that has plagued mankind's millions.

From being to machine, it varies in size.
Its power lies in its ability to capsize.

More than one thrust is seen by everybody as a must,
But religions everywhere view it with
Disdain, dismissal and distrust.

It's narrow and pointy, like a stick.
The very features a part of Nick.
Its nature towards life is reductive
As well as seductive.
It can kill as well as thrill,
Just like any pill.
It gives rise to and from a chase,
It squirts like a mace.
It's like a drill, in that it's very penetrative.
The wise owner is what makes its usage seem native.
Its magic lies in the beholder's lust,
Their ensuing actions politicians deem unjust.

It lays dormant until its presence is needed,
But only then when a hunger is seeded.

Sometimes it has a mind of its own
And only then when it's truly at home.

Enhancement can make it grow large,
It's like a battery waiting to charge.
It moves like a ram with a door to barge.

It's round and thick, very slick.
The very features absent in Mick.
It packs a crunch like a powerful punch.
But too much will make you miss your lunch.
It's smooth and slick, very chic.
It's adored or abhorred by any kind of chick.
Any gender can make a careless hunch
And its death can come about by an unprotected munch.

It's a tool which has made many a fool.
Its strength and decor makes many drool.

It's like a stick of dynamite waiting to explode.
Its creamy powder one's load can't hold.

It's long and thick, very slick.
The very features not worthy of a prick.
Its power is sweet and juicy, making people go loosely.
Its presence is such that people can't afford to be choosy.
It's long and thick, very quick.
The very features worthy of Nick.
It sends people of a particular nature in a floozy,
Some of their battle stations can end up being snoozy.

Its qualities are highly exploited and manipulated.
It's a biological machine gun just waiting to be violated.

It's a fuse that explodes when a lower region is constipated.
An effect which has been much imitated.

To those people who are as thick as Mick...

In case you can't tell, it's a dick.

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