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This song is by B.U.B.S..

You've been through suffering.
At one time, it seemed like the only thing.
You've been through the lecturing.
You've been learning that there's more that life can bring.

You were told you were minging but you kept on singing.
You've heaped pounds and pounds, leaped bounds of bound.
You're finally winning.

You've took your shots. You're making the shots.
You've earned lots. You're calling the shots.
You've dealt with the what's.

You've left it all behind now.
You're doing well.

Farewell, you've heard the knell of the wishing well.
You've heard your inner calling like a clock tower bell.
How long you succeed is only what time will tell.

You've wisened up, cleaned up your act and seen the light.
You've gone places, seen faces and left your traces.
You've made your mark. You've proven your bite
Is stronger than your bark. You're less of a dog and more of a shark.

Farewell, you've learned that a soul is not to sell.
You've caught onto the trick of the courageous yell.
Now, you don't have to be trapped in a spiritual cell.

You've gone through hell and back, never lost track.
You've been through thick and thin, you've not let your past
Get beneath your skin.
You've left your roots, do whatever that suits.
You don't have a care or concern in the world.
You've made no regrets. You leave no guilt.
You show no shame, played fair game
And now you rest under a fancy quilt.

You've took everything you need.
You've removed the weed.
You've let the negativity bleed.
You've sown the seed.

Farewell, you've learned not to take things to heart.
You're off onto a beneficial start.
But now I have to depart.

Farewell, you've got everything you need to know.
There's no excuse for you to be so slow.
Now, it's time for you to go and steal the show.

Life for you was so grim.
Achievement and accomplishment seemed very slim.
Your dreams were shattered, your hopes were battered,
You were left in tatters. You went on a whim.
Aimed your sights upwards, ventured onwards
And now nothing else matters.

You've considered your options, made no mess, made no sin
Because you've used my advice and guidance like a hymn.
You've opened up, you're no longer an empty shell,
You came and conquered and then the competition fell.

Farewell, you've become such a part of me.
But you're independent as you should be.
Now it's time for me to go and let you shine.

You've took everything you need.
You've sown the seed.
You've got enough to feed.
You're in the lead.

Farewell, you don't have to worry about me leaving.
My services are no longer required.
My due-by-date has expired.

Farewell, you don't need my services.
You don't need to ask why.
Because all I need to do is stand by and watch you fly.

You've become very bold, you've broken the mold
And now you've got the gold.

Farewell, remember what I taught you.
Farewell, keep your hopes up without being unrealistic.
Farewell, but don't let that stop you from being idealistic.
Farewell, don't let critics and cynics make you a fool.

Years later...

...You've become disillusioned, disenchanted,
An outcast, secluded.
You've become desensitized, deranged,
Demented, deluded.

You've let the fame and fortune go to your head!

You're hungry for more.
You've hopped from bed to bed. Like a kangaroo.
Just so you can get to the top, have plenty a screw
Because you're a shameless and shameful whore.

Farewell, you've let go of my moralistic ways.
You've got to learn that immorality pays.
For all I care, you can suck the end of a pimp's bell.

So it seems like you can't have sex without the shame,
You can't have pleasure without the pain.
Now you're not much apart than the ordinary tart
Who is no longer the same.

I can't believe you can't have sex without the shame,
You can't receive pleasure without the pain.
Now you're no longer the dame that you once became.

You've become real conceited, very stubborn,
You've left people deceited.
You've lost your ways, you've past your prime,
You're a moving crime and now your aim is defeated.

Farewell, at first you seemed to learn well.
All you've absorbed and applied has come to nell.
Now you can rot in hell.

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