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Confessions Of A Teenage Scumbag Scuzbucket

This song is by B.U.B.S..

I don't fit,
Don't belong.
Find a trend
To catch on.

Light a smoke,
Start a fire
I'm a joke.
Life is dire.

Wank my dick
On a cloth
'Cause I am
A weak flirt.

I am bad, I am sad.
Say I'm more than a lad.
Take some girl to my pad.
Her cherry will be had.

Seek a lick,
Want some sloth.
Pose with cam,
I'm so curt.

See that chick,
She's a goth.
She's a sham,
Pure as dirt.

Watch some flick.
Get them off,
Squeeze some ham,
Give her hurt.

Look at me,
I am strong.
I can't see
Right from wrong.

Act all cool,
Like I rule.
Not for school,
Not a fool.

Sold my soul
On ebay.
Don't that sound
Way passé?

Lie a death than live a die.

Dirty, dingy, grimy.
Gritty, mingey, slimy.
I don't want to pretend.
Lightweight fame will reach end.

Fad is gone,
Went too long.
Smoke a bong,
Write a song.

Life's a bitch,
Then you die.
So unlike
Princess Di.

I self hurt,
Life's a jerk,
So am I.
Don't want work.

Slit my wrists,
Hope to die.
Die a death than live a lie.