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Ciara's Song

This song is by B.U.B.S..

The first time I saw you, I saw the sparkle in your smile.
The innocence in your eyes is what you makes you worthwhile.
You were delicate in nature, diminutive in stature.
Who would ever have thought, after all this time,
You would figure so highly in my life, amidst all the strife?
You hit my heart like Cupid's knife, I want you to be my wife
And one day you will be mine.

I'll search for you every mile, browse through every file
And even if it means traveling through the River Nile.
My love for you is real, it's something that nothing can conceal.
Baby, do you know how much I really feel?
Our bond is something I want to seal, do you want me to kneel?
What else about my love for you do I have to reveal?

I think you're so fine, you've probably aged well like a glass of wine.
My sheer love for you, no one can mime.
You're much more to me than a mere Valentine.
You're someone I'm trying to woo. I love the way you're mild.
My love for you is true, it's formidable and wild.
I hope you liked me too, when I was a child.
I hope our bond can be reconciled.

You are someone I'd die for, my fondness for you is galore.
How else can I love you any more?
Loving you is not a chore, I could never find you a bore.
This situation is making me feel very sore.
My heart is something my sleeve wore, I won't hurt you nor
Will you be somebody I will constantly ignore.

My friends say I'm very mad
Because of the love for you I have had.
My feelings for you are much
More than some false fickle fad.
The distance makes me very sad,
When I see you again I will be glad.
Does my love for you really make me so very bad?

We've known each other since school. People thought we weren't cool.
We never wanted to be fake for popularity's sake.
It was better to play a fool than to be somebody's subservient tool.
This time is ours and it is for us to make.

You attract me to the core like a boat to the shore.
I've never felt this way about anyone else before.
I don't care what my friends say, although I find them okay.
I want to make love with you on a bay.
I fancy you day and night, I admire you in darkness and light.
My love for you can not be seen as wrong but right.

I know you've had your share of bad times and so have I.
But we will reach for the sky and own a slice of the pie.
I'd rather be virtuously winning than shamelessly sinning.
I'd rather die than ignore where our dreams lie.
Don't let your dreams be clouded, aim your sights high.
Search your true feelings and reach for the sky.

Don't judge me for my non-attentive ways, I didn't know any better.
I don't care how much it pays, even if it means a letter.
I've waited hundreds of days, it feels like forever.

I really want us to be together, regardless of weather.
My affections for you ain't light like a feather.
You are someone I would never use, much less want to abuse.
You are the only partner I could ever choose.
I want us to be dating, even if it means ice-skating.
Why do I have to keep on waiting?
Honey, I am not baiting.
I want us to be mating.
How long do I have to be waiting
For you?

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