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This song is by B.U.B.S..

There is too much stress for the likes of me.
Time, for me, is less. There's so much to do
And one good person I've wanted to see.
My mind's in a mess. There's too much to lose.

I'm already in a bad mood.
People are so lewd, rude and crude.
Can't I be served some damn good food?
These motherfuckers should be sued!

Out of touch and out of time.
Boiling point is in my mind.
No soft touch, been through too much.
I try my best to be kind.

Everywhere I go, I see very little character
But a great deal of defamation.
Everyone I see lives up to a caricature.
I should bring about a transformation.

Nonsense. D-Fens.
Suspense. D-Fens.
Intense. D-Fens.
Immense. D-Fens.

Helpless people complain, moan and tear.
Hapless psychos will no longer jeer.
They may smirk, smile, laugh, joke and cheer
But it's me who will have the last sneer.

It's always the subtle details and pet peeves
That manage to make my blood sear.
Little do those scumbags and schizos know
That it is their blood I will smear.

No one gives me an appropriate answer.
They respond by being curt.
They are the question, I am the answer.
I respond by giving hurt.
They are the pollution, I am the solution.
That, I guarantee, is my resolution.
They've fallen short of absolution.

All this bitterness I'm feeling
As the shit hits the ceiling.
My meek demeanour is peeling
As the hoes and foes are stealing.

Demolishing the barriers of slave-schism.
Abolishing the molecules of racism.
Mutilating the vanity of fascism.
Castrating the testicles of sexism.

D-Fens. Condense.
D-Fens. Prepense.
D-Fens. Commence.
D-Fens. Dispense.

I am not economically viable
Therefore I can not be held liable.
I'm a ticking time bomb. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
Who is the next prick I should clock? Dick-cock.

They may think I'm a geek but I'm more than a little bit sleek.
I know a lot about defense and offense to make them weak
And leak.
They may try to run and hide but I surpass them with my seek.
If their beak gives me cheek then my violence will reach a peak.

All the bitterness that I'm feeling
As the shit hits the ceiling.
My meek demeanour is peeling
As the hoes and foes come kneeling.

Life can never be perfectly pretty
But that doesn't stop people from trying.
The teen-like ACNE of society
Always conjures up legions of crying.
I will pop the pimples with my ACME.
Death will always be worthy of pity
But that won't stop my enemies dying.
Undefeatable, no one can stop me.

I detest the mud they endlessly flung.
They loathed the baseball bat I chose to swung.
Despite what I had at my disposal,
No outlet truly showed my proposal.
Undermining me with their negligence.
Overcoming them with my vigilance.

All that bitterness I was feeling
As the shit hit the ceiling.
My meek demeanour was peeling
As the hoes and foes were reeling.

Stubborn to the end? Yes, I am, my friend.
Now you're gonna die with that stupid hat.
Arrogance killed you. Your back, you should pat.
When you hit from the tee, death suits you to a T.
A tee off for you is a pee off to me. See?

All this bitterness that I'm feeling
As more shit hits the ceiling.
My meek demeanour is peeling
As the hoes and foes are squealing.

I met a gook who made me puke.
His immigration was a fluke.
I am the bullet, you are the trigger.
Fought off a nazi who killed a nigger.

All this bitterness that I am.

That, I am.

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