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This song is by B.G..

I only buy shit when its less a price
you dont never get cake unless I gets a slice
yeah these boyz already know what I like
when I hit niggas with two then I just go down they pipe
never get hoes that always be annoyin
I say shake that ass when I throw them a coin and
sometimes I bust low in the dark
and sometimes I kep p my baby-boy below in my car
yeah Bam-Bam yo ass gone be ditching
how can you get sea-sick when we need hooks to go fishing
you see my doe so you think I robbed a bank
I make these hoes suck my dick then I give them a rank
whoever said slobs can wup crips you a liar boy
we make are own rules call us the biker boyz
you see a nigga come up and then you say its basic
I don't fuck with lames or them butter-faces
see me and my boyz we a run threw the mob
rocking black white and grey
you know its the Hit Squad
so nigga respect my job
respect thes blue niggas and never respect a slob (Squad Up)

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