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Dee Money- If It Ain't Real It Ain't Me Freestyle

This song is by B.G..

(Dee Money)
I Run up on ya block quick when I'm burning rubber,
A real nigga like a soulja, heat up in my knuckles
The same type a nigga that keep a pistol on my side,
A 44 on my waist and a chopper when I ride, stay posted
On the block like a light pole just standing there,
Waiting for a nigga to run up, and think he hard,
But first I shut him down like a grocery store gone
Outta business, and when the police come nigga that's
When I'm finished, disobeying all laws, disrepecting
No broad, A street type a nigga, A 13 year old boy,
Straight sprayin at you quick
Leave ya braind in the sewyer, either come at me
Strapped, And if you don't nigga u
Done, ya whole family gonna see me and ya
Block gon burn, and if ya friend want some
She gotta wait her turn, I ain't scared of nobody,
Nigga I fear no one but Jesus, I gotta keep
It real nigga, and I ain't got no reason, kinda
Like a star, when you see me fear me, rup up on
U niggas bust shots you can't feel me, listen
Up and listen careful, if you open and if ya
Click want some nigga I'ma bust open,
If you leave 'em unattented, I'll mess over
'Em playin' wit me nigga you'll get
Ya dome checked throughroly, I'll put
Ypu in a sleep like, no disrespectin
My section, and anything in my way
Best believe I'm wrecking, and if any
Nigga hatin' on me, then there's
Beef it will be, nigga I already told

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