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Oh, once I lived in Old Virginny
To North Carolina I did go
There I saw a nice young lady
Oh, her name I did not know

Her hair was black and her eyes was sparkling
On her cheeks were diamonds red
And on her breast she wore a lily
To mourn the tears that I have shed

Oh, when I'm asleep I dream about her
When I'm awake I see no rest
Every moment seems like an hour
Oh, the pains that cross my breast

Oh Molly dear, go ask your mother
If you my bride can ever be
If she says no, come back and tell me
And never more will I trouble thee

Last night as I laid on my pillow
Last night as I laid on my bed
Last night as I laid on my pillow
I dreamed that fair, young lady was dead

No, I won't go ask my mother
She's lying on her bed of rest
And in one hand she holds a dagger
To kill the man that I love best

Now go and leave me if you want to
Then from me you will be free
For in your heart you love another
And in my grave I'd rather be

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