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Darling Cora

This song is by B.F. Shelton and appears on the compilation People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs, 1913-1938 (2007).

Oh go dig a hole in the meadow
Oh go dig a hole in the ground
Go dig a hole in the meadow
Let me lay pretty Corey down

Oh the last time I saw darlin' Corey
She was sittin' on the bank of the sea
With a forty-four around her
And a banjo on her knee

Wake up, wake up, darling Corey
How can you sleep so sound
Highway robbers are comin'
Gonna tear your still-house down

Go away, go away, darlin' Corey
And bring to me my gun
I ain't no man for trouble
But trouble just now begun

The last time I saw darling Corey
(She) had a forty-five in her hand
Kill them revenue officers
If they leave here with my man

Go away, go away, darling Corey
Quit your hangin' around my bed
Whisky has ruined my body
Pretty women will kill me stone dead

Across the deep blue ocean
Across the deep blue sea
Go bring to me darlin' Corey
Wherever she may be

Wake up, wake up, darlin' Corey
Go do the best you can
I have got me another woman
You can notch you another man

Oh yes, oh yes, my darlin'
I'll do the best I can
But I'll never give my pleasure
For another gamblin' man


July 29, 1927; Bristol, TN