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Until I Found You

This song is by B.B. King and appears on the album Blues on Top of Blues (1968) and on the compilation album Great Moments With B.B. King (1982).

All of my life, I've been searchin'
For someone that's lonely too
I know my darlin', I found you

I'm gonna make you happy
Oh, that's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna do all I can for you

Whenever I'm near you, oh, I can't control my self
My heart, it beats so fast until I know

I know this love is gonna last

Now, now my searchin', my searchin' is over
Oh, and I touch myself, I touch myself everyday
Because I never thought that anyone
Could make me feel this way

You know I never thought, I never thought
I never thought that anyone
Anyone could make me feel this way


Written by:

Riley King

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