B.B. King:How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 To 1994 (1996)

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Compilation album by B.B. King.
Disc 1: 1964 To 1971
  1. Every Day I Have the Blues
  2. Sweet Little Angel
  3. Please Love Me
  4. You Upset Me Baby
  5. Gambler's Blues
  6. Buzz Me
  7. Baby Get Lost
  8. Blind Love
  9. Don't Answer the Door
  10. Please Accept My Love
  11. Worry, Worry
  12. How Blue Can You Get?
  13. Eyesight to the Blind
  14. Chains and Things
  15. Sweet Sixteen
  16. The Thrill is Gone
Disc 2: 1976 To 1994
  1. Let the Good Times Roll (with Bobby Bland)
  2. I Got Some Help I Don't Need
  3. Caldonia
  4. Night Life (with the Crusaders)
  5. Never Make a Move Too Soon (with the Crusaders)
  6. All Over Again
  7. Please Send Me Someone to Love (with Gladys Knight)
  8. Nobody Loves Me but My Mother
  9. When Love Comes to Town
  10. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
  11. Ain't Nobody's Business (with Ruth Brown)
  12. T-Bone Shuffle (with Joe Louis Walker)
  13. Rock Me Baby
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