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This Greyhound Shall Kill Me

This song is by B.A. Johnston.

Who's awake at 5 a.m.?

Oh yeah, I am

At the Regina Greyhound station watching CNN.

And the woman with one eye stares at me

She lost her good eye so she stares evilly

I think she wants my seat closer to the TV

Here comes the Greyhound bus, the one that shall kill me.

Breakfast stop at Robin's Doughnuts, have you ever eaten at Robin's Doughnuts?

I have, and I shall never again.

Anyway, who eats breakfast at 4 a.m?

And the Greyhound keeps rolling along

No one gets off but a million people get on

So at night when I'm trying to sleep

It's beside a guy so fat his gut pins me to my seat.

I've watched Muppets In Space five times in the past four days

Gonzo's antics are making my brain, my brain decay.

I miss you, how are you?

Oh how I miss you!

Tired of watching hobos trying to eat apples with one tooth.

I'm gonna die on this Greyhound bus

Somewhere between St. George and seriously messed-up.

A guy won't stop screaming so the cops drag him off

And I wonder, is that going to be me at the next stop?

I'm gonna die on a Greyhound bus.

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