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Best Day Ever

This song is by B.A. Johnston.

Did Hamburgler put something in my mailbox?
A book of coupons that really rock
'Cause discounted apple pies blow my tube socks off

Brush the snow off of the Dodge Neon
Gonna get my full track suit on
And head down to the golden arches
And get my starch on
And get my starch on

I don't think your baby should be
Chugging all those chicken mcnuggets
He's only one but it's ok
'Cause his mom saved money by using a coupon
Disco tracksuits everywhere
With a fillet o' fish like you just don't care
McDonald's coupon day, McDonald's coupon day
Has the streets barrie, oh kids go crazy

I wish that I had a time machine
Could be a hot tub, or a delorean
Setting the dial for 1995
Gonna get a pizza
So underrated
McDonald's pizza R.I.P.
You always meant the world to me
You still haunt my dreams
I love you Mayor McCheese
I love you Mayor McCheese

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