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Scare Some Life Into Me

This song is by B-Movie.

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Song of the Day
March 09, 2018
A petal fell down from the sky
It hit me right between the eyes
It was so soft against my skin
As I rubbed it in the wind
These eyes that stare so cold like bullets
They could strike you down
With one glance like Medusa's stare
There are no feelings there
So scare some life into me

The shuttered mind is locked and sealed
I fear that not much lies within
The silent muffled primal scream
And I'm incapable of dreaming
I'm standing on a bridge
Watching my reflection going by
And I am always running with the tides
So sick and tired
So scare some life into me

I can't see
The light for shadow
I can't see the day for night
I can't see the end of the tunnel
No matter how hard I try

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