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I confoundedly glare at the locked door
You cry, facing it from the other side

Although we love each other so much it hurts,
Once we do begin hurting one another, it'll be ruthless

Too young to be sad...
Just a little more, halfheartedly
You'll then accomplish it with ease
I've never heard of such a thing

Every time we wanted to climb the summit, the fire burned
"Everything is for your sake" — saying as much is probably a bad idea right now

Having pleasure you don't really need with someone somewhere
Once you start remembering, you'll feel love is just pointless

Too young to get it into your hands...
Lifting you up with my arms,
I take you away to the beach
I'm having dreams one after another

Youth is just something you'll be reminded of later
Being in the midst of it means sorrow and pain

Too young to be taunted...
I'm drifting away from my dreams,
During the most overwhelming times
But I'm still looking ahead

In this grey life,
I can't imagine anyone...
To color it but you
It's all right to cry
So, open this door