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Soared in air, glittered in the splash of wave
beautiful, round drops, touched palm of hand when fell

Drops melted in the sea
Where are you now?

Though the fact that we won’t meet is hard,
it can’t be changed
In the end, because I’m also leaving,
“goodbye” until that day

How many people gave excitement?
How many people cried when they remembered something?

Life is something that is hard to leave,
it has various colors

It can’t be replaced, I want to tell you,
“thank you” from the bottom of my heart
In order to finish my trip and return to the place where I was born
I wave my hand to you
with all my strength, I wave my hand to you

Tiny drops live their lives burning in this world

Though the fact that we won’t meet is scaring,
it can’t be changed
Because all of us will come there once,
“goodbye” until that day
Just a brief “goodbye”

I drift into the sea