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Just like walking through an endless pitch-black tunnel
Every day comes and passes, leaving me depressed

If I claim that all of this is no fault of mine,
There's never gonna be a way out

I should accept that I'm in the wrong, and set out to change myself

Suddenly, the night comes, and I find myself looking to that crescent moon
What is it that I've done today? I'd rather not think about it

(Time Flies, Time Flies)

Today, I'm making an effort to knowingly broaden my horizons
And drift away from you

It's obvious you're disappointed with my leaving you so suddenly

Suddenly, another day arrives, and I'm not getting that feeling that I've slept lately
Just want to force myself into thinking that I did everything I could.
(Oh yeah) Who am I? What kind of person? There's so much left for me to learn
Who are you? What do you like? So much that I don't yet know about this world

(Time Flies, Time Flies)

(Oh yeah)

If all you want is pleasantries, have at it, and let people laugh at you

Suddenly, life comes to an end in an instant
I await better times, and hope it'll all go well with my partner

(Oh yeah) Before you see it, another day rises and I don't seem to have the feeling that I've slept lately (Oh I can't sleep)
I merely loathe losing my confusion, and only want to get to know you better