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On a sunny day like today, we climbed the hill together
That hill where we could see across to the bay
Tell me what comes to mind when you see that sky
From that atmosphere that made me long to kiss you

We spent the entire afternoon doing nothing except watching ships come and go

What should I do? The time is going back, to that day under the dazzling sun
No matter the frequency with which the tears flow, the sea still spreads out silently before me...

In the midst of continually pouring rain, we walked along, soaking wet
Our hands were fastened together, while our voices were raised higher
We seamed through a bridge adorned by flocks of umbrellas
Let's continue walking until we reach your place

Your long hair spreading, the water dripping from it...
I still didn't see the confidence cracking in you back then

What should I do? The time has passed by that street corner where the rain fell so heavily
No matter how I blame myself for doing nothing, my heart continues to ache

Just like the night where we ran away together,
Who was it that tightly embraced together with me?
Even in the face of unamusing topics, who was it that laughed with me?

TIME . . .

What should I do? The time is going back
Right now, where are you? What are you doing?
Even if I were to throw everything away, the guilt will always accumulate
What should I do? The time has passed me by—I can never realize my own words now
Your voice from that day can no longer reach me anymore...