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TV in the middle of the night, a perspiring body
Hey T-shirt, don't stick to me
After such a long break, even the sun rises
Seems like mold has started to grow in this cold

I'm leaving this room
On my way to pick you up

Just get on, hold on, and let us get out of this traffic jam
You look so cute today—my back feels like burning
Should we try and head out to the end of the world?

A drunkard falls asleep on the sandy beach
A large, burned wound is just like hot tears spilling out
"Sorry," I don't wanna dance—"Sorry," I don't wanna swim
A big yawn signals you wanna go home

Let's start from here on
Even when I'm left by myself, I'll do it

Ride the waves, bare skinned—show some disgracefulness
A baby frightened by those fellows around, don't go home like this
The salty sea is laughing

Smeared with sweat, getting knocked about over and over
Swallowed by the deep blue sky
A cool surfer from 1,000 years ago
I'll show you how he's been reborn again

Ride the waves, bare skinned—show some good things
Like a baby daunted by the people around, don't go home like that
Free your mind and play with the waves—even if tomorrow doesn't come, it's okay
A guy who just wants to laugh, baby—I'll never forget this lifetime
The setting sun dyes the world in its image
Say goodbye to the guy who was always so lost