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Just like ice, just like fire
I silently glide down the surface of your skin
Letting out a low whisper that echoes to the center of your body

I know there's no turning back now
This heart of mine can't be stopped
The colors of past sceneries seem so far away
Let our souls lean closer to one another...

Just like droplets of rain water,
We breathe each other in
Let's float away together...
To a world where nobody else exists
Where we can finally settle down...

Let's mix with each other like paint
All while releasing vivid, bright light
As our breaths begin to overlay...
Let's wipe away the border that keeps us apart

Somewhere, some beasts are howling
Power bursts from their claws at the pale, shining moon
Just pull me closer...

Let's melt together, don't close your eyes now
As if there's nothing we can lose anymore
Wrap the suffering in joy and come to an understanding
Don't hesitate anymore, come inside...
To where our dreams are burning...