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Our moments together have gradually increased
But why does the feeling slip a little bit
There is no special warning of danger
Instead there is dizziness and not the slightest happiness

Today too, I couldn't be nice to you
Somehow while regreting it, the next morning comes along
I really wish just for us to be together
This expectation will make shyness drip away, bit by bit

I can see your figure standing still in front of the station
Even now, does your heart still beat faster while waiting for me?

Rain falls, that street corner is shining brightly
With eyes looking downward, you start to understand loneliness
I'm running, crossing this street right now
Before that yellow signal turns into red

So that your brimming smile will never dim away
So that it will always shine upon the two of us
I'm so grateful that you're here, that's all
Our signal will always shine green