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Looking down to the stadium beside the sea, people are disappearing in white smokes
In the direction of the sky, the thunder is growling in low tone like a dog
When I open my eyes and notice this, I'm already so far away
Coming here I have notice that you're not in this room anymore

Please tell me why are people always leaving other people
Regrets together with the soaking rain are returning back to the earth
The flowers will bloom open again, won't they?

Shining silver colour asphalt, take off the shoes and walk barefoot on it
While it's piercing me gently, small drops of rain began to fall
If there's still time, I want to see you again
I know that it is not a lie, but I'm too late now

Please tell me why are people always forgetting the most important things
I'm standing on this road holding on to such feeling, but until when is enough?

Relieved smiles, ocean of words that swallow my heart
If only you gave me more of those, I'd have kept on living while not knowing one's pain

Please tell me why are people always bound to go away someday
Embracing the sun, my soul is on a journey while burning with flames
And one day it will shine on somebody again